Did you know?

Did you know that not all appliances need to be thrown away? Well, its true! With a proper and efficient clean, or as the saying goes, "put some elbow into it", your appliances can be saved. A person may think the refrigerator pictured above is a total loss considering the dirt and mold, but man, did we put some elbow into that (results below)! Here at R & R Cleaning Services, we take pride in our work and make it our business to provide you with the best outcome for your residential and commercial cleaning needs, in a professional and timely manner.

R & R Cleaning Services is not your average cleaning service. And for this reason, we offer many options when it comes to cleaning your home. For example, this customer only wanted our team to deep clean his refrigerator to save money, so he booked our services strictly for it. Once the job was completed, the customer was very pleased with the end results. In fact he was so impressed, that he recommended his mom for residential cleaning services, whom now happens to be one of our regular VIP clients!

R & R Cleaning Services strives to give the best for the best, which is our customers. Call or visit our website today for more information about the services our company offer.


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