R & R Meet and Greet!

Greetings! We hope that you and your family are all doing well and are safe during these hectic and crazy times. We wanted to take this time for you and your family, to get to know us and our family a little better, and answer a few of the common questions we receive.  First, let's start off with an introduction. My name is Celisa Webster I am the co-owner and COO of R & R Cleaning Services.  My husband, Brandon Webster, is the other co-owner and CEO. Together we have four beautiful children; Sariya, Adrian, Sydnee, and Skylar. 

When was R & R established? R & R Cleaning Services was founded in 2016. However, my husband and I have been cleaning far longer. What made us start a cleaning business? Entrepreneurship has always been something my husband and I have been Interested in for a long time. We have always wanted to have something that we can pass down to our children and do something that we felt could help out our community. To make this possible, Brandon took a job as a part-time cleaner in the afternoon, and there, he met our mentor.  After many conversations together, he decided to take a leap of faith and start his own cleaning company. And with that leap, R & R Cleaning Services was born! Do we like cleaning? 

There are mixed feelings about this question. For me, cleaning is not my favorite thing to do, but being a mother of FOUR, and marrying a "clean freak", cleaning has become a part of my  life. Brandon on the other hand, loves and appreciates the process it takes to maintain a clean home, and working in a clean environment really brightens his spirits. So much so, we have made it a part of our company's mission statement. What is R & R Cleaning Service's mission statement? R & R Cleaning Services believes that a clean space is not only appealing to the eye, but also the spirit.  Our belief is that your environment and your mental health go hand and hand. It is our mission to help you achieve, as well as maintain, a pleasantly clean living and work space. What services does your company offer? R & R Cleaning Services offers Pressure Washing Services, Commercial Cleaning Services, and Residential Cleaning Services. Some other services are available upon request. What is our favorite thing about cleaning? Our favorite thing about cleaning is seeing the project transformation and watching our customers reactions to the end result. Most everything can be saved, with the right touch. What makes us different?

Customer service is more than just an action, it is a lifestyle! As a small business we thrive off the love of our customers, many of whom become a part of our extended family. When we come into your home or business, you can expect a superior cleaning, unmatched professionalism, and first-rate customer service, all of which we deliver. 


Your feedback has been important to the growth and success of our company, and without you there would be no us. 

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