What Does Your Groupon Cover?

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Considering buying a Groupon*? Have you already purchased a Groupon? If so, I am sure you are wondering what services are standard with your Groupon.

*This includes Living Social

Although there are some slight differences, we provide the same level of services for our Groupon customers as any other customer we service.

In order to make your services better we are going to provide you with the break down of how your Groupon cleaning will go.

Our Groupon's cover 2, 3 and 4 hour cleanings with one cleaner. Services are provided based on your needs within the allotted time. Our cleaners will assess your wish list, your priorities of your cleaning, and will work from your highest priority items down to your lowest priority items.

For example: If you hate cleaning your kitchen but your bathroom and your common area needs some attention your bedrooms are not that important. The cleaner will focus on your kitchen and work their way to your bathroom, then common area and then bedrooms would be last.

R & R Cleaning Services sets the standard of top tier house cleaning services. The Groupon covers an allotted time of standard cleaning services with one cleaner and as much of the cleaning will be completed at our top tier standard. Any services provided longer than the time allotted is subjected to our standard hourly rate. The standard services covered are listed below. Services covered:


  • Clean &/or mop floors

  • Clean outside of refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, including handles

  • Scrub sink & faucets, polish chrome/stainless steel

  • Clean counter tops

  • Clean oven range

Common Areas:

  • Clean, vacuum &/or mop floors & rugs

  • Dust shelves and furniture

  • Tidy area and fold blankets

  • Clean cobwebs


  • Clean, vacuum &/or mop floors & rugs

  • Dust shelves and furniture

  • Tidy area and fold blankets

  • Clean cobwebs


  • Clean, vacuum &/or mop floors

  • Dust shelves and furniture

  • Clean & scrub tub and/or shower floor and walls

  • Polish stainless steel/chrome

  • Clean & scrub shower doors

  • Clean & scrub sinks and counter tops

  • Clean & scrub toilet, toilet seat and bowl

  • Clean cobwebs

  • Wipe surfaces

**Important Note: Prior to purchasing your Groupon please call our office for availability.

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